F.A.Q.s And Contact

Catchup TV

Catchup TV is available on UK & US channels as well as Sports channels, this is a bonus so if it has issues just wait for it to be fixed.




Perfect Playing Not Showing EPG

You would have found yourself here if you cannot get the epg to populate.

First off you need to make sure you have no typo`s in your url and that you have enabled the epg. if no luck then proceed with the below –


Go into the eog line and add a number 1 to the end of the username and password and then close it and update, now go back in and remove the 1 from the end of the username and password and close it and update it and now it should be fine.

Channels Freezing In Perfect Player

If you find some channels are freezing when using Perfect Player it’s not us as we have a huge selection of 10GB servers across the globe, you need to go into the settings and then into playback and selct Decoder and then choose HW or Auto and then restart it and see if that help’s.

Does Ultra Allow The Use Of VPN's

VPNs will be enabled and disbaled at our discretion, so if it’s working for you then fine if not just turn the VPN off, we can not keep updating as to when it’s on an off for certain reasons. Best to use a dedicated IP address any good VPN provider can provide you with one of these which means it’s not shared with anyone else.

Mag Or STB Portal Address

When you add your Mac address only add if using a Mag Box or STB Emulator, we do not require the Mac address from the Smart TV.

Also please write the Mac address correctly if it’s like this we will not set it up

Incorrect way = 001a79335g7e (We will not set this up it’s not difficult to write it correctly and on your box or STB it does not look like this either)

If you send in a picture from your Box showing your Mac address we will just ignore it, stop being lazy and write it down in an email why should we waste extra time typing it incorrectly or trying to see what the number is this is not what where here for we setup it up where not here to correct it because your being lazy .

Correct way = 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX


(Old Servers) Portal = http://clic-tv.org/c/ (Service Has Been Stopped, Upgraded Version Now In Use Below)

(New Servers)Portal = http://ultrahd.services:80/c/

Compatible tv's

Will your tv work with Ultra
Any android tv will work using perfect player, gse and many more apps

LG – If its a smart tv then yes via stb em or smart iptv – please note these are paid for apps

Samsung – If its a smart tv then yes via stb em or smart iptv – please note these are paid for apps

Sony – opera based sony tvs will work with the ssiptv app and OTT player. Sony also make android tvs which are compatible

These are currently the only tv’s we know for sure that work with iptv. If you have a tv that isnt listed and is non android based working, please let us know.

Can I Put My Sub On Another Device?

If you make a mistake when ordering and then let us about this straightaway then yes you can.

If however you have ordered and a few weeks or months have passed then the answer is know you will either need to order a new sub or wait tll the current one has ended ‘BUT Why’ I here you say we’ll because when you signup it clearly ask’s what device you want to use so you have ample time before you signup to work out what your going to use it on if you use m3u lines then these can be added to most devices except Mag Boxs etc but only one device can be used at anytone time, if you want multiple connections then you will need multi-room.

Multi-Room Explained What is it?

Multi-room means you can run more than one device at anyone time using the same login details (Only with m3u lines).

Connections must also come from the same network, please do not share it with friends or family as a way of saving on an extra sub because your account will end up being closed the system can detect this automatically.

What Happen's Once I have Paid.

After you have ordered and paid we will then send out the setup email to your registered email address, if you do not receive this within 15 minutes during the hours of 10am GMT till 12PM GMT then please contact us, none problems with email services is ‘HOTMAIL’ please do not contact us after 2 minutes saying I’ve paid because we know you have.

Once you receive the email it will have either your m3u lines in it or confirmation that your Mac or ID Number has been added, then if your unsure what to do just visit ‘How To Install’ and then take a look at our setup tutorials for the different devices you can use.

Do You Take Automatic Payments The Following Month

Simple answer is only if you setup an automatic sub via paypal all card payments are onetime, you will receive an invoice within 7 day’s of your service ending you can then decide to either make a new payment and continue with your current service or change the sub your using or you can just ignore it and your connection will stop on the date given.

How Does Your Support work (From 9am Till 10PM GMT)

We will only answer emails and tickets during the above times, so if you contact us out of these hours do not complain as we have already said what times we will reply, time difference plays a big part and we also need to sleep just like you do.

As many people open tickets for the fun of it then we have decided to prioritise  as below.

If your account is not working and you have tried rebooting your router and app then you will be helped first.

If you ask for your m3u lines because you have deleted them from your email then you may wait upto 24 hours now as this is not our issue you did this your self.

If you contact us asking does it work on this device or that device just read our website as we clearly say what the service works on, if you use an app that we do not have a tutorial for then we can not provide support for this if you have issues then just check the app’s developers page for help.

Please do not email us if your invoice remains unpaid for 2 minutes or 2 hours or 2 days this does not affect your service and is not considered a priority you may wait also upto 24 hours for an answer or we may not answer as we will just update the invoice.

Do not ask us what channels the football is on, you can easily search online, the same with the EPG if it is down just look online it’s not hard to do.

Also if your link is not working after ordering please make sure you enter it correctly how many times people waste our time saying it does not work when the error is because you have not entered it correctly so please double check everything before contacting us, most information you require is actually on the site.

If the service is buffering this is also not a high priority as if it’s us then we will post the issue in your client area under ‘Recent News’ infact all issues if and when they occur will be posted there, but you can also try fixing it your end first as it’s normally your connection or app causing this.

Are We Charged Automatically

Cards are charged once unless you request for it to be charged eachtime your sub is due, paypal payments are only automatic if you setup an automatic payment when ordering apart from this all payments are one time.

All clients will receive an invoice 7 days before their service is due to end, if you pay before the deadline you will be able to continue using your current login details, if not you will get new login details when you pay the invoice if it’s late or after the deadline date.